Let us host your domain

Become truly independent and let us host your XMPP domain for your business or family.
XMPP hosting starts at 12 Euro / year.1

Have a more recognizable XMPP address

Using your own domain will make your JID easier to remember.

Truly provider independent

With your own domain you gain the ability to switch hosting providers whenever you like without having to change your XMPP address.

Cheaper than renting your own VPS

Splitting the operating costs among all users makes conversations.im cheaper than your own server.

Easy contact list management

Like to have all your family members or co-workers in your contact list? conversations.im allows you to easily set up a shared contact list with everyone on your domain.

Cross-domain communication

Decide for yourself if you want to enable cross-domain communication (federation) or if you prefer to stay in isolation.

Help along the way

Our easy to use web interface will guide you through the process of setting up your DNS records. If you need further assistance, our friendly staff is happy to help.

Discounts for large user base

Starting with 10 users, using your own domain is even cheaper than having individual XMPP accounts on the conversations.im domain. Save up to 60% on the 250 users hosting package.

Number of users 1 2 5 10 25 100 250
Euro / year 12 24 40 72 10% 160 20% 480 40% 800 60%

Create domain account

You need to create an account and verify that the domain belongs to you or log in to an existing account.

1 All accounts are prepaid and expire automatically after each billing period if you don‘t renew them. We accept SEPA wire transfer and PayPal. It can take up to 24 hours for your domain account to become active after we‘ve received your payment.

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